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  • Electricity producing solar facades

    Solar facades are dynamic, cost-effective and low-maintenance alternatives to traditional rain-screens

    …and can be fully recycled

  • zeb lab facade detail

    Sustainable architecture

    We make architectural sustainability more beautiful by completely re-imagining traditional solar technology as beautiful, dynamic & durable rains-screens

  • Architectural integrity

    Facade transformation and renovation of existing buildings leverage our unique design freedom to retain architectural quality and integrity

  • Haugesund sculptural BIPV facade

    Bespoke solar facades

    With unrivaled design freedom we ensure invisible integration of high quality solar technology in any building and all climates

We develop & produce custom solar facades with invisible PV technology

SEI panels i different sizes
We realise your architectural vision

Custom designed solar facades

SolarLab works closely with architects and stakeholders to develop energy producing BiPV facade solutions for commercial and office buildings that are customized to every individual project. The facades are manufactured with a low environmental footprint in our European production facilities using sustainable energy and minimizing transport.

tested and proven solutions

Expertise to realise complex solar façades

We build on many years of solar production experience, as well as in-house design and engineering capabilities to support you from the early design phase to final commissioning of the energy producing facade. This minimizes risk and ensures a final result that delivers both aesthetically and functionally.

experience lowers project risk

Inspiration from completed projects

SolarLab has  years of experience in completing BIPV facades for a wide range of new-build and renovation projects. Some of these are showcased here, but it’s a rapidly moving world, so please contact us for more information about our projects and capabilities.

Solar facades

Sustainable architecture and nZEB buildings require onsite energy production. SolarLabs BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) systems make this cost-effective and easily achievable, by replacing the classic facade with our maintenance free, durable and energy producing solar cladding.

As on-site power generation is increasingly required to comply with local building codes, our solar facades provides a cost-effective alternative that frees-up roof tops for bio-diversity and rainwater managing green roofs as well as social activities. Our solar facade provide a unique opportunity to show Net-Zero commitment with a solar facade manufactured in Europe using sustainable energy.

Replacing traditional cladding with our energy producing system, the facade will not only pay for itself in just a few years and continue to provide free and sustainable electricity for many years, but also return the energy and carbon-dioxide investment accrued in its creation.

The marginal cost of facade integrating high-efficiency solar technology, over a traditional facade cladding material is often less than adding the equivalent power capacity in a standard roof-top solar array.

Further more solar facades integration not only enhances storytelling potential, but allows for improved panel cooling and hence longer lifespan, as well as to spread the electrical production to fit consumption patterns better.

Our experienced team is ready to help in the creative process and as partner in the realization process we help to re-risk the critical path towards more sustainable architecture, from early pre-tender scoping and ideation to realization and commissioning.

Custom & Cost-effective

Customized to every project ensures uncompromising architectural integration of the solar facade as well as local code compliance. The unparalleled design freedom makes it easy to deploy our solar facades on new constructions as well as for renovations of existing buildings without loosing architectural integrity or urban quality.

A solar facade is often cost-neutral to placing traditional low-cost system on the roof and will free up flat roofs to be utilized for activities and rainwater management. Vertical installation of PV improves ventilation and  eliminates soiling ensuring a maintenance-free cladding with increased component longevity.

Produced in Europe to ensure an extremely flexible, predictable and responsive production along with a low environmental footprint, by using mostly recycled materials and sustainable energy from wind and hydro.

Our solar facades are supplied as complete systems with custom panels, proprietary structural support and mounting system as well as a tailored monitoring and electrical system. Designed and engineered to be easily installed and commissioned by local installers. The low installation weight of under 15 kg/sqm and snap connections ensures that the solar facade can be installed anywhere and by a single person in less than an hour per square meter.