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Student Experience International

On the water front in Minervahaven in Amsterdam the new Student Experience International building the large solar facade covers the entire building with individually tilted solar panels.

The solar facade is build around the Shingle system and the tempered low-iron glass is both satinated and nano coated to create the iridescent and dynamic facade. As the sun moves the anisotropic coating changes the reflected color from dark blue-grey to silver grey so that the facade is ever changing range of shades even though they are all identical and just tilted individually.

The structural color achieved with the nano coating ensures both high efficiency as it lets 90% of the light through to the invisible solar cells and only reflects less than 10% of the light to be seen as striking and iridecent color. The technology also ensures color permanence and full recyclability die to the nontoxic and minimal material use.

SEI BIPV facade elevation
SEI bipv facade detail
SEI BIPV facade
SEI BIPV facade