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The Ruseløkka School

Close to the center of Oslo the students have just moved into their new school where the solar facade panels integrate harmoniously with classic brick areas to ensure the new building blends naturally with the surrounding architecture

The individually tiled panels using nano coated and glare-free satin finished panels in our Shingle system provide a rythm, depth and dynamic colors to the cladding that beautifully match the character of the bricks. Manufactured in Denmark using sustainable energy and mostly reclaimed materials the facade has a low environment foot print and will provide carbon free electricity for many years.

The unitized cladding and tool free installation ensures a resilient and durable facade cladding that will pay for itself many times over during its long service life with a minimum of maintenance. The tempered low-iron glass with nano coating on the reverse side is both impact resistant and can be fully recycled in existing industrial processes, ensuring it can enter the circular economy to recover the environmental investment.