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Research Institutes of Sweden

In collaboration with EON, SolarLab supplied a new energy producing facade at the RISE EMC test center.

SolarLab has developed, produced and installed the colorful new facade that covers 550m2 of the new RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) EMC test facility. Based on unitized and large format panels with a non-glare satinated finish and nano coated glass, the building applied solutions adds a dynamic and colorful element that is both cost-effective and low maintenance.

The active facade contributes around 50 000 kWh annually. The 2600 m2 building is a shielded and controlled environment for functional testing of vehicle electronics and functions under a range of likely conditions.

Installed power: 82 kWp

Location: Borås, Sweden

Building owner:
Research Instidutes of Sweden

As subcontractor to EON Energilosningar, SolarLab has developed, produced and installed this facade at a test facility in Borås.