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Bornholm Hospital

The energy producing facade on Bornholm’s Hospital is mounted directly on the new facade insulation, and has an installed effect of around 200 kWp.

As part of the complete renovation of Bornholm’s Hospital, SolarLab has developed, produced and installed the energy producing facade. The new BIPV facade is the building’s weatherproof rainscreen,  completely replacing an alternative cladding material.

Each facade is grouped and produces electricity independently via its own inverters. The east and west facades have BIPV panels installed in horizontal rows between the windows, while the entire south facade is covered with a mosaic of 500 square and angled modules. The bespoke and colorful facades are complimented by a 1400 sqm installation of all-black standard panels on the buildings mechanical penthouse.

Installed effect: 220 kWp

Location: Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark

Building owner:
The Capital Region of Denmark

As subcontractor, SolarLab has developed, produced and installed a 1400 sqm solar facade on the hospital.