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  • Copenhagen International School, Copenhagen, Denmark

    With 12.000 custom designed panels and an installed power of 730K Wp this is one of the largest BIPV installations in the world. The panels are identical in color, and the PVD coating of the glass that allows for this identical color also allows a change in color depending on the angles of the sunlight.

  • Bornholm’s Hospital, Rønne, Denmark

    This energy renovation integrated the BIPV cladding as a rainscreen to cover the new Rockwool REDAir insulation panels, requiring a large number of different custom designed panel sizes to fit the existing architecture, as well as both angled and flat mounted BIPV panels.

  • The Green House, ‘Det Grønne Hus’, Aarhus, Denmark

    SolarLab has produced and installed the new BIPV facade on ‘Det Grønne hus’ designed by renowned Smidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

  • BIPV facade closeup of SEI in Amsterdam

    Student Experience International, Amsterdam

    Solarlab designed, produced and installed this custom designed 1770 sqm BiPV facade for the SEI building designed by VURB architects

Reference projects

Bornholms Hospital, Rønne, Denmark

Energy renovation with a 220 kWp BIPV installation completely covering 3 facades and the mechanical penthouse.

Installing the Red River College BiPV facade has started

Red River College Innovation Center, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Installation of the BiPV facade is well under way on the new Innovation Center designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects and number TEN architecture.

The large format custom BiPV facade panels are shingled to provide visual depth and allows the cladding to smoothly follow the rounded corner of the building as well as allow the PVD coated glass to reflect the sunlight in an ever changing sequence of hues.

Powerhouse, Telemark, Norway

The Powerhouse designed by Snøhetta Architects shows that ZEB-COM buildings that recoup their environmental cost of consgruction, materials and operation over the next 60 years, are feasible and an attractive path towards sustainable architecture

ZEB-Lab, Trondheim, Norway

BiPV facades and roof cladding ensures that this ZEB-COM building by Link Arkitektur, will recoup the environmental investment in materials, construction and operation over the next 60 years.

Copenhagen International School

The waterfront campus designed by CF Møller architects where the 12.000 tilted BIPV panels provide 50% of the schools electricity.

Breidablikkgården, Haugesund, Norway

This complex 3 dimensional facade provides indoor shade and sculptural depth to the new office building, and shows that energy producing BiPV facades affords new opportunities for creative panelisation in a cladding that pays for itself

Det grønne hus, Aarhus, Denmark

The new BiPV cladding for this recent building designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, completely replace the failing original facade with a durable and maintenance free BiPV cladding.

Trifolium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Energy renovation of the registered Trifolium building required that the BIPV facade mimic the original design. The low profile mounting system allowed flush mounting as well as color and finish was developed to retain the original facade expression

Trigeparken, Denmark

Energy renovation of the Trigeparken social housing complex with high efficiency black Crystal BiPV facades that adds an elements of refined sophistication and precision to the otherwise modest buildings.

Ruseløkka school, Oslo, Norway

The new grade 1-10 school in the heart of Oslo integrates the building wide shingled BiPV facade elements harmoniously with surrounding traditional brick areas both in color, depth and texture, to make the energy producing BiPV cladding a natural addition to the citys architectural language.

Student Experience International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new SEI student housing with 596 units, on the waterfront in Amsterdam is designed by VURB architects and BREEAM certified.

The facade is covered with 1770 sqm of tilted custom BiPV cladding and the largest energy producing facade installation i The Netherlands and provide a low weight, resilient and maintenance free facade that pays for itself with carbon free electricity for the next 60 years…or more

Research Institutes of Sweden

The new 550m2 PV facade of The Swedish Research Institutes’ new EMC facility.