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  • Copenhagen International School, Copenhagen, Denmark

    With 12.000 custom designed panels and an installed power of 730K Wp this is one of the largest BIPV installations in the world. The panels are identical in color, and the PVD coating of the glass that allows for this identical color also allows a change in color depending on the angles of the sunlight.

  • Research Institutes of Sweden, Borås, Sverige

    This 550 sqm and 82K Wp installation was developed, produced and installed by SolarLab as a subcontractor to ‘Eon Energilosninger’. The installation supplies around 50.000 kWh/year of electricity to the Swedish Research Institutes EMC test facility housed in the building.

  • Bornholm’s Hospital, Rønne, Denmark

    This energy renovation integrated the BIPV cladding as a rainscreen to cover the new Rockwool REDAir insulation panels, requiring a large number of different custom designed panel sizes to fit the existing architecture, as well as both angled and flat mounted BIPV panels.

  • The Green House, ‘Det Grønne Hus’, Aarhus, Denmark

    SolarLab has produced and installed the new BIPV facade on ‘Det Grønne hus’ designed by renowned Smidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Reference projects


Bornholms Hospital, Rønne, Denmark

Energy renovation with a 220 kWp BIPV installation completely covering 3 facades and the mechanical penthouse.


Research Institutes of Sweden

The new 550m2 PV facade of The Swedish Research Institutes’ new EMC facility.


Copenhagen International School

The 12.000 BIPV panels on the school supply approximately 50% of the building’s electricity.


Det grønne hus, Aarhus, Denmark

Working on a BIPV facade for the building designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.


Trifolium, Copenhagen, Denmark

Energy renovation of the registered Trifolium building required that the BIPV facade mimic the original design