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  • Detailed workshop drawings and installation guidelines

    Our internal design and engineering team will support you from early concept to final installation. We offer power and production estimates, facade panelization and detailing, tender documentation and approvals as well as electrical layout and design support.

  • Full scale prototyping

    We create full scale prototypes of our custom facade solutions to endure design intent and evaluate architectural quality as well as to facilitate approvals, build ability and tendering. This de-risks the implementation and lowers costs as contractors and authorities get hands-on experience.

  • Full scale testing

    To ensure durability and to minimize lifetime risks, we have stress tested our solutions in a wide range of environmental tests, from wind-tunnel and high wind conditions to fire-spread ovens, as well as exposed the solutions to conditions exceeding expected environmental conditions in climate chambers.

  • European production

    Our European manufacturing and integrated supply chain not only ensures a very low LCC based on sustainable energy from hydro, wind and sun, but it also allows us to rapidly respond to design changes, prototype needs, replacement panels as well as ensuring a high quality product with a long lifespan.

What we can do for you

angled BIPV panels on facade

Color freedom

Our range of coating options offers the flexibility to find just the right color for your project, with the right finish and right texture, from the classic black crystal, to satinated metallic, as well as uniform or patterned glass frit coatings.

Shape freedom

Our EU-based manufacturing offers almost complete shape and size freedom to panelize the BIPV system. From 360 mm wide to 3600 mm, rectangular or irregular, we customize all panels and installations to fit the desired architectural design.

Mounting freedom

Our family of mounting systems offers build heights as low as 50 mm and as high as 350 mm to fit the individual implementation and architectural design, It also offers the freedom to angle the individual panels for visual effect, as well as the option of flat mounting them.