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  • Detailed workshop drawings and installation guidelines

    Our design and engineering teams will support you from early scoping and tending through concept and detailing to final installation. Our complimentary simulations offer early effect and production estimates and our CAD tools facilitate facade panelization and detailing.

    To ensure a predictable architectural outcome we can assist with tender documentation and support local approval processes as well as provide electrical layouts and architectural design detailing.

  • Full scale prototyping

    We create full scale prototypes of our custom facade solutions to endure design intent and evaluate architectural quality as well as to facilitate test, approvals and tendering. Ensuring build-ability will de-risks implementation and lower costs as contractors and authorities get hands-on experience.

  • Full scale testing

    Durability and resiliency is critical so to minimize lifetime risks, we have stress tested our solutions in a wide range of environmental conditions, from wind-tunnel and high wind conditions to fire-spread ovens, as well as exposed the solutions to conditions exceeding expected environmental conditions in climate chambers.

  • Danish production

    Our European manufacturing and integrated supply chain not only ensures a very low LCC based on sustainable energy from hydro, wind and sun, but it also allows us to rapidly respond to design changes, prototype needs, replacement panels as well as ensuring a high quality product with a long lifespan.

Invisible on-site electricity production

With years of experience, we combine unparalleled design freedom and proven solutions in a solid realization process to cost-effectively provide a high performance facade with the desired architectural and technical quality.

While our main focus is basic and unitized rain-screens, we also offer custom louvered and curtain-wall solutions.

Unparalleled aesthetic design freedom

angled BIPV panels on facade

Color freedom

Our range of non-fading coatings offer the flexibility to find just the right expression for your project, with the right color, finish and texture, from the classic black crystal, to satinated iridescent or metallic, as well as uniform flat or patterned ceramic frit coatings.

Shape freedom

Our integrated supply chain is EU-based and the facades produced in Denmark to provide almost complete shape and size freedom to panelize the solar rain-screen. From 360 mm wide to 3600 mm, rectangular or irregular, we have no standards and customize all panels and installations to fit the desired architectural design.

Mounting freedom

Our family of proprietary mounting systems offers build heights as low as 50 mm and as high as 350 mm to fit project requirements and architectural design. This allows for invisible integration of fire-breaks, facade insulation and safe cable management.

They also offers the freedom to angle or off-set the individual panels independently for visual effect, as well as the option of flat mounting them. Further more they allow complete freedom to tile the layouts in basic grid or shifted tiling patterns.

Proven realisation process


Initial exploration support looks to understand the architectural vision and project constraints, and to estimate; complexity, cost and power potential.

The goal is to provide project stakeholders the understanding to make an informed decision and for the owner and developers to partner with us for a custom designed solar facade.

Conceptual 3d sketch showing SolarLab BIPV facade system buildup


Detailed architectural facade design is next, with panelisation, electrical design and visual exploration of finish, color and mounting geometry.

This enables us to build prototypes and develop samples for testing and client approvals as well as provide the required descriptions for tendering of the installation.

Copenhagen International School - BIPV facade full scale facade mockup


With the installation contractor selected the detailed documentation for production and installation is generated i close collaboration with the architects and installing trades, resulting in workshop drawings and full scale prototypes.

Following design-freeze final drawings and tests are performed and materials ordered.


Production involves a number of suppliers with long lead times using highly specialized and complex technologies to realize our high-quality facades. All these come together and are assembled at our factory in Denmark.

After 3rd party inspection the facades are safely packages and shipped to the final destination to be installed by  local installers.